Manuscript Writing for Publication

BISC researchers work closely with clients who are writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing in a peer-reviewed journal. Our team of highly trained statisticians with diverse backgrounds is available to assist you through the various phases involved in the creation of a publishable research paper:


Our team is skilled at defining appropriate methodology to be used in your study, even in the presence of a non-standard experimental design or statistical approach. We are proficient in methods and procedures of virtually any level of complexity, from content/thematic analysis to regression analysis, including linear, logistic, weighted, ordinal, etc. We also have experience in the publication of studies involving complex sample survey methodology.


The BISC team will conduct your data analysis using any software package required or preferred. These tools include, but are not limited to, SPSS, SAS, Stata, R and MATLAB. BISC will provide comprehensive summaries of analytic findings, including visual data displays and tables, using language that is easily understood by readers with a non-technical background.


How do the results relate to findings from other research papers?
What are their implications for policy-making?
What are their limitations?

Our team will work with you to address these questions, and incorporate the information into your discussion section. This will allow for a strong closing section to your manuscript.

In summary, BISC can assist you throughout the various phases of a scientific study, with the rigor and level of complexity required for publication. Our contribution will maximize the likelihood that your study will be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The BISC team has an impressive publication record, with over 200 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.


We understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide all of our prospective clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement immediately upon contact. This ensures that your research will not be shared with any third parties, and your consultation with us is completely confidential.