Academic Integrity Policy

At Beyond Inference, we consider our collaboration with graduate students as that of an educator/student relationship. We view the integrity of the academic process as the foundation for the advancement of knowledge. Specifically, our policy on data integrity and plagiarism follows.

Data Integrity

All data received by BISC for the purposes of analysis is assumed to consistent and correct. Altered data may not be used in academic research without prior authorization from the instructor or committee, as appropriate. Any data changes, as well as all data sources, must be documented and acknowledged in the final deliverable.


When referencing information from an outside source, the client must acknowledge the source from which the information was obtained. All references must be cited appropriately and according to the style guides applicable to the work in question. Original quotes must be denoted as such.


Plagiarism is commonly understood as putting one’s name on someone else’s work. Academic institutions typically have explicit guidelines for reviewing and punishing plagiarism by students and faculty members. Original research is the heart of academic exploration, and accordingly BISC does not endorse the adoption of the efforts of others. All documents created by BISC team members are intended as educational tools to advance our clients’ studies. These documents are not intended for submission by our clients, but rather to serve as tools to facilitate the completion of a research project.